An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Health and Wellbeing programmes dedicated to helping you and your business sustain high performance and build resilience


Organisations and your employees face many challenges. Whether it’s workplace violence, employee disagreements, bullying, traumatic incidents, or stress, your employees are greatly affected. In return, so is your organisation.

CSG has decades of experience and have created incredible prevention training programmes and an online wellness platform to allow companies of all sizes to do what’s best for their employees, which is to teach them how to manage and deal with adverse situations in the workplace before they happen.

Customised Health and Wellbeing Programmes

The physical and mental wellbeing of your employees is a requirement that can dramatically affect the bottom line of your business. Implementing a Health and Wellbeing programme is a long-term commitment that needs planning and dedication from the top but which will, in turn, measurably increase productivity, improve staff retention and enhance your company’s reputation.

Managers play a key role in maintaining and developing organisational employee wellbeing and CSG can help you to create a strategy and develop a plan that will put ‘wellbeing’ at the heart of your company’s culture. Our range of wellness programmes are science-backed, practical and interactive and are designed to provide your managers with the skills they need to ensure that their teams are given the tools to maintain or improve their health while at work and at leisure.

You will create resilient employees who will be able to bounce back quickly from any setback or obstacle! This saves money and increases profitability. In this day and age, these programmes are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And CSG have made them available and affordable for organisations big and small.

Workplace Bullying Prevention

Bullying can have a major impact on your business and the employees themselves. This has become a hot topic in recent years, yet many in the workplace don’t always know how to identify and manage it.

A workplace bully may be a manager or co-worker and the act of bullying may be as simple as ostracisation or as extreme as cyber bullying. Intimidating managers or impossible employees could also benefit from bullying awareness training and / or specialist coaching. CSG allows you to meet your Duty of Care to your employees by making sure that you have the right policies and procedures in place and that bullying and harassment does not become endemic in your organisation.

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