• Wave Goodbye To Stress (eBook)

    Email overload? Stressed out at work? Trying to be all things to all people? Eating badly? No time to exercise? Life getting you down? Then Stress Management expert Carole Spiers’ new, easy-to-read Kindle book, ‘Wave Goodbye to Stress!’* is the answer!

    • Simple techniques to ease tension.
    • Easy ways to build resilience to pressure
    • Practical methods to toughen up mind and body
    • Healthy eating tips to maintain energy levels
    • Effective time management techniques
    • Key strategies to achieve a healthy worklife balance

    This Kindle book shows you how to overcome the frenetic, 24/7 pace of today’s modern life. You’ll discover how to beat stress and get yourself back again into the stress-free zone where you belong.

    *adapted from the Author’s best-selling book Show Stress Who’s Boss!

  • Taking the Stress Out of Driving

    Whether you’re a professional long-distance truck-driver or a weekend motorist, you need to know how to stay away from road rage.

    Author Carole Spiers has written this handy pocket manual to provide you with the practical anti-stress measures behind the wheel and strategies for avoiding the causes of road rage.

    Download it yourself or have it overprinted with your own corporate branding.

  • The Silent Scream

    The Silent Scream: coping with the short and long-term effects of trauma

    A handy pocket manual suitable for HR, OH Advisors, Health and Safety, Counsellors, Consultants or anyone in an employee support role. Author Carole Spiers outlines the many causes of trauma and patterns of mental turbulence.

    Download it yourself or have it overprinted with your own corporate branding.

    Perfect for any conferences or training courses.