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Training and Coaching Programmes to boost personal and team productivity

Coaching and Training

CSG offers individual coaching and training for leaders that will show them how to build key skills that will motivate, inspire and produce high performing teams.

Leadership positions are often given to top performers, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve received the training they need to lead a group, communicate effectively and foster strong business relationships within your company.

Our customised programmes include skills to build personal resilience, easy ways reduce stress and proven tools to improve your communication skills.

Our coaching and training programme will push your leaders out of their comfort zone. It will encourage them to think outside the box and to consider other viewpoints with serious consideration. This will not only create the best in your organisation, it will foster new ideas and develop a healthy corporate culture.

Leading by Listening

A strong leader is often a good listener, and listening is a key skill that needs developing in its own right.

When employees say they want their voices heard, they are really saying they want leaders who will not just hear what they say but see what they mean. Leaders must learn to identify and satisfy individual needs in order to inspire professional performance and breed loyalty. And listening goes well beyond just being quiet and attentive. It requires you to interpret body language, facial expressions, mood, and natural behavioural tendencies.

The role of managers in wellbeing is fundamental as they are often the first people to recognise the warning signs of stress or poor mental health in their team. With the right skillset in place, they will be able to tackle sensitive conversations by actively listening, taking action and referring on. Such interactions can have a beneficial impact upon the wellbeing and satisfaction of employees leading to a more engaged and happier workforce, maintaining competitive advantage.

CSG communication programmes are designed to grow the communications skillset of your leaders, to promote active listening and the directing of sensitive dialogue. We show leaders how to develop and utilise communication skills that will build and motivate high performing teams. Benefit from our specialist expertise today and find out how we can make you into an effective listener.

Managing Uncertainty

Redundancy… termination… organisational change…

Perhaps you dread the sound of these words, knowing that you’ll have to move outside your comfort zone in order to cope with them. That’s why Change Management has become one of the pillars of boardroom life.

Crucially, it is not enough for managers to understand the dynamics of change. They have to convince key groups that change is now perpetual, largely beneficial, and that ‘no change’ is no longer an option. Employees need to be shown their opportunities for development in line with the organic changes happening around them, and you need to manage the differing reactions of those affected, for better or for worse.

At CSG, change management is a major speciality of our consultants and trainers. Our Change Management Boardroom Briefing will show you how to apply the right strategies to your business.

Once you can manage change, you’re already managing the future!

Building Resilient Leaders

Responsibility means pressure. And pressure, badly handled, can turn to stress.

The key is to maintain resilience – the physical and mental stamina to manage the daily challenges of the ever-changing corporate landscape. It is crucial to pressure- proof yourself and your team, to enable optimum performance. Experience shows that resilience can be taught.

And at CSG, we regularly turn managers into resilient leaders through a range of well-tested programmes geared to all levels of seniority. Tapping into practical ways to enhance focus, mental agility and individual toughness. Managing their own health and wellbeing, and achieving a healthy work-life balance, so that they can deliver peak performance.

You’ve seen how resilient leaders grow resilient teams and make great role models for their teams. Our resilience programmes are designed for leaders determined to perform at the top of their game, and wanting their organisations to succeed by displaying the same invincible spirit.

Find out more about our customised training and coaching programmes.