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June 2020 – “Behind the Lens”

Listen to the expert opinions of Carole and Prash on how people managed to work remotely and the challenges they faced during the pandemic.

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September 2013 – “Executive Secretary”

The words ‘mental health’ even today and despite increased awareness programmes, still carry with them a degree of stigma.

Mental health’ – a stigma? – PDF

July / August 2013 – “Capital Business”

Workplace bullying is not new, but technology has made a new platform for such activity.

Taking The lid off Cyber bullying – PDF

May 2013 Chief Learning Officer – Middle East

Chief Learning Officer interviews Carole Spiers about her work in the Middle East.

March 2013 – “Capital Business”

Being a good conversationalist is an art. For some, it comes naturally and the words flow without effort but for many others, it is often a challenge.

Find out how to become a better listener – PDF

March 2013 – “Are you confusing people with your leadership style?”

It is important to manage one’s time, but particularly so if you are someone who has to juggle many jobs during the course of a day.

Manage Your Time – PDF

December 2012 – “The DNA of a healthy workplace culture”

Carole Spiers considers the factors that are responsible for employees achieving their maximum performance.

The benefits of a healthy workplace culture – PDF

December 2012 – “Think Before You Press ‘Send’!”

Could formal and blunt email messages be taken by the recipient
as a form of cyber bullying?

Manage your email effectively – PDF

December 2012 – “Every Second Counts in Business”

One of the paradoxes of time management is that there are always going to be 24 hours in every day and 60 minutes in every hour.

Manage Your Time – PDF

November 2012 – “A No-nonsense Approach to Managing Stress”

Managing workplace stress is neither complicated nor does it require any
major monetary investment, explains Carole Spiers.

The Intelligent SME Management – PDF

October 2012 – “Change is Your Opportunity for Growth”

Change is the lifeblood of business, and will always drive it.

No Such Thing as No-Change – PDF

September 2012 – “Don’t bother me now. I’ve got a job to do”. Sound familiar?”

People frequently say they don’t have time to manage their stress!

Stress Myths and Misconceptions – PDF

July 2012 – “Email Overload”

Carole Spiers suggests ways to make employees feel appreciated without having to
increase their remuneration.

The Costco Connection – PDF

July 2012 – “How to Motivate Without Money”

Carole Spiers suggests ways to make employees feel appreciated without having to
increase their remuneration.

The Intelligent SME – PDF

June 2012 – “Email Courtesy”

Winning Edge – PDF

June 2012- “A no-nonsense approach to stress management”

Occupational Health – PDF

May 2012- “The New Scourge of Cyber Bullying”

Executive Secretary –

View PDF

May 2012 “A No-nonsense Approach to Managing Stress …”

The Intelligent SME – PDF

April 2012- “Motivating Without Money”

Stress News – PDF

April 2012- “‘Are You a Bully?”

Emirates Woman – PDF

December 2011- “Party Survival Emirates Woman”

Emirates Woman – PDF

October 2011- “American in Britain”

Executive Secretary –

View PDF

August 2011- “Managing Your Own Day”

Executive Secretary –

View PDF

June 2011- “Stress Myths & Misconceptions”

Executive Secretary –

View PDF

June 2011 – “Speak up for yourself”

Winning Edge – PDF

August 2010 – “Overcoming stressors within the family business”

Stress News – PDF

July 2010 – “Resilience sets achievers apart”

Gulf News – PDF 450kb

Summer 2010 July  – “Reaching for the Sky, in Dubai”

Walter Mair Magazine Digital Edition Issue 1 Pages 10-13

May 2010- “Beating Back Stress”

Khaleej Times – PDF 236kb

Autumn 2009 – “How I became Carole of Arabia”

Speakeasy Magazine – PDF 306kb

September 2009 – “Pressure Proofing Your Centre”

Call Centre Focus PDF 327kb

Summer 2009 – “Taking the Stress out of Twitter”

Speakeasy Magazine – PDF 132kb

July 2009 July 2009 – “Speaking for their Supper”

Leadership Motivational – PDF 246kb

June 2009 – “Change is Your Opportunity for Growth”

Stress News – PDF 1.02mb

May 2009 – “Good Offence”

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 99.2kb

October 2008 – “Credit Crunch”

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 1.16mb

Summer 2008 – “The Business benefits of Diversity”

Management Services – PDF 330Kb

Spring 2008 – “Difference is value added”

Management Services – PDF 868Kb

February 2008 – “Pride and Prejudice in the Townships”

Resources Magazine – PDF 2.04mb

October-December 2007 – “I fancy working in Dubai…”

Speakeasy – PDF 182Kb

Winter 2007 – “Healthy and Happy”

Management Services – PDF 737Kb

June 2007 – “Self-Marketing within the South African context”

Resources Magazine – PDF 402Kb

May 2007 – “How to trump Office Gambling”

Financial Times online – web page

May 2007 – “Countering Stress”

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 69Kb

April 2007 – “Managing Change”

Stress News – PDF 335Kb

March 2007 – “Stress – Myths and Misconceptions”

Totally Management – PDF 23Kb

March 2007 – “The Perfect Boss”

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 62Kb

January 2007 – “The Culture Club”

Pharmaceutical Marketing  PDF 60Kb

November 2006 – “Train to take the strain”

FMworld – PDF 118Kb

September/October 2006 – “Gambling Addiction”

Addiction Today – PDF 78Kb

Autumn 2006 – “Managing Diversity in the Workplace”

GEE Governance Handbook – PDF 906Kb

Autumn 2006 – “Dealing with the Aftershock”

Management Services – PDF 239Kb

July/August 2006 – “All the Rage”

TT & HR magazine – PDF 108Kb

July 2006 – “Providing Stress Counselling”

Quest – PDF 630Kb

Summer 2006 Things do not change. We do”

Management Services – PDF 218Kb

May 2006 – “Leave of Absence”

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 70.9Kb

April 2006 – “Combating Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace”

Call centre Focus – PDF 60.7Kb

Spring 2006 – “The Human Sacrifice”

Management Services – PDF 147Kb

Making Alterations March 2006 “Making Alterations”

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 63.9Kb

January 2006 – “Lighten Up The Day”

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 270Kb

Winter 2005/6 – “Learning to handle stress”

WING Quarterly – PDF 569Kb

September 2005 – “Bully boy tactics”

What are ‘bullying behaviours’, and how can you tell if you are being bullied?

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 158Kb

July 2005 – “Focus your mind”

When it comes to tackling work related stress, what’s working and what isn’t? –

Pharmaceutical Marketing – PDF 67.8Kb

March 2005 – “The best person for the job?”

Hospitality – PDF 253Kb

March 2005 – “Dealing with the aftershock”

The after-effects of trauma can be devastating, but you can help sufferers in the workplace, says Carole Spiers.

CCF – PDF 390Kb

February 2005 – “Stress Control: time for action”

Carole Spiers reveals the shocking facts about stress in the workplace and provides some tips on how to tackle it.

CCF – PDF 393Kb

December 2004 / January 2005 – “Don’t let conflict stifle your success”

Conflict and aggression can be part of everyday life for call handlers. Carole Spiers looks at how best to deal with them.

CCF – PDF 390Kb

FM World December 2004 – “Stress busters”

FMworld – PDF 44.5Kb

December 2004 – Stress management

Time for action – ‘Half a million people in the UK experience work-related stress at a level they believe is making them ill.’

View on

November 2004 – Stress under pressure

‘Stress management needs the support of the whole firm – starting from the top.’

View on The

November 2004 – Stress Management

‘Stress is likely to become the most dangerous risk to business in the early part of the 21st century. If companies want to avoid potential legal and cost implications, they need to sit up and take notice of this very real problem that is facing organisations today.”

HR Director – PDF 1537Kb

November 2004 – Stress under pressure

The Lawyer – PDF 421Kb

October 2004 – Workplace Stress

‘The impact on your bottom line is just the start’

Manifest – PDF 79.3Kb

September 2004 – Beating the Bullies


Summer 2004 – Diversity: Difference is value added

Managing diversity isn’t just a moral and legal obligation, it can present tangible business benefits.


Spring 2004 – Stress Management in the Workplace


January 2004 – Stress: The most significant workplace health issue of the early 21st Century?


December 2003 – Monday-morning hangovers … or stress, alcohol and drug abuse in industry


December 2003 – Tools to tackle workplace stress


June 2003 – April fool not so far fetched


September 2002 – The business case for stress management


April 2002 – Organisational stress: a management perspective


May 2001 – An age-old injustice


July 2000 – Human sacrifice


May 2000 – The conspiracy of silence