Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing Support

Nobody wants to lose their key players, their stars, their captains of industry.

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Mental Health Support

CSG offers Mental Health First Aid training to your employees as the mental health and wellbeing of all employees is now a priority issue for all organisations. Mental breakdown and burnout can, and sometimes does, happen at any level, in any business and at any time.

Telephone Counselling

Our telephone counsellors are ready to support you and your organisation whenever you have to deal with stress, relationships problems, a sudden death or suicide at work, an accident or violent incident. These are problems that can be overcome. We are here to support you do just that.

Mental Health First Aid Training

No organisation wants to lose their key players and their valuable talent.

We can train a number of your employees to become Mental Health First Aiders so that they can identify signs of mental health issues and provide first aid support to your employees – at an early stage.

Mental health issues adversely impact employee churn, absenteeism, performance, motivation and the breakdown of collegiate harmony, and best practice – all of which have been proven to impact your bottom line.

Our Mental Health First Aid (England) courses are delivered online and include a mix of individual learning activities and a series of live, fully interactive sessions, hosted on a MHFA England, Online Learning Hub.

These courses are designed for everyone and are suitable for a range of community settings and organisations, across all business sectors.

All our trainers are approved by the Royal Society of Public Health.

Telephone Counselling & Trauma Support Service

At CSG, we pride ourselves on our more than 30 years of experience and our track record in successfully providing workplace stress and trauma counselling services to industry, commerce and public sector clientele.  Our telephone counsellors are here and ready to bring balance and harmony back to individuals and teams.

With the many challenges facing employees today, our pay-as-you-go telephone counselling service can make sure that every employee is able to recover mentally, emotionally and professionally – with the result that your company is stronger and more resilient.

Our team of professional counsellors and trauma debriefers are available to speak to you by PHONE or online using EMAIL, SKYPE or ZOOM, which means we can service organisations in the UK and worldwide.

All CSG Counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the British Psychological Society or similar bodies, and abide by their codes of ethics, standards and practice.

Call us in strict confidence on: +44 (0) 208 954 1593 or email [email protected]. You can rely on us.

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