Discover how to reduce the stress of back-to-school

To me, the handling of back-to-school pressures is easily recognisable as a branch of Change Management, today’s most topical intervention in the handling of stress symptoms.

There is the change from holiday culture into term-time culture. Then there are changes in the child itself, often marked decisively by the educational milestones: new term, new year, new school. And these are also milestones for parents too.

Logically, you would expect parental stress to rise with each stage of education, according to its perceived importance  –  together with its rocketing cost, whether or not there are school-fees involved.

But personally I see it the other way round. To me, the first day at kindergarden  –  which looks unimportant  –  is the seminal moment, when the child’s eyes and ears are most open to its unfamiliar surroundings, and it is most responsive to atmosphere. A good stress-free first day at school seems to me worth everything else put together.

Have you… experienced stress at Back-to-school time? Add your comment here.

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