International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women’s Power

Last Sunday was International Women’s Day. In looking at their website, it is interesting to see so many international events taking place, ranging from large, national conferences to small informal ‘get-togethers’.  However, the message is the same…an equal world is an enabled world.  

Tales from South Africa

This made me think about all the special women that I have met over the past year.  I visit South Africa at least once a year and there I work with women who are budding entrepreneurs.  These are women who have not usually received a formal education, but still want to create and grow their own businesses so that they can send their children to school, so that they can be independent and not have to sit on street corners, begging for money.  I have met women who are so completely focused in their endeavours that it puts many of us to shame. They have a strength and determination of which many of us can only dream.  

They have no cars or large houses but their township homes in which I stay are spotlessly clean and tidy and I can only stand back in amazement at their resilience and fortitude.  Many of these women are single and don’t have the support of a man in the home and yet they survive in bringing up their children. However, what they do lack are the marketing skills to promote their small businesses and this is what I offer to them through my 1:1 coaching programmes.  Some of the skills are specific such as helping them to write their own business cards and business plans, but other skills are those that come from encouragement and motivation.

Tales from the Middle East

And then there are all those women I have met in the Middle East, who want to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ that prevents their upward career progression and to make a difference for all of those who work alongside them.  These are ladies who have a commitment to raise the profile of all women in business all over the world.  

They often work long hours, have to balance their home and work lives and sometimes feel guilty that they have insufficient time to give their children.  Nevertheless, it is their choice and they still have to deal with the challenges that go with their lives. They are ladies living in a predominantly male world and they are to be admired for their tenacity in maintaining their often demanding role as both mothers and professional / businesswomen.

International Women’s day has always had a special meaning for me.  To read of the stories of community, empowerment and leadership is such a motivation and encouragement for all women, whether at home or in the workplace.

It is a timely reminder to all women to work together, learn from one another and to build strong communities around the world.  The celebration of womanhood and female achievement is uplifting to read about and in which to fully participate. I look forward to hearing of other stories from my readers.

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