Motivating Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

It was a pleasure to be back in Dubai last week, and the positive mood from the commercial sector was perceptible. Company outgoings have been streamlined and I now hear the word ‘consolidation’ increasingly being replaced by ’growth’.

The presentation I delivered entitled ‘Release the Hidden Entrepreneur in You’ at the Big Idea event was a resounding success. Aspiring Entrepreneurs presented their business ideas to a panel of judges, of which I was one. The creativity and innovation delivered from the platform certainly demonstrated to me that entrepreneurship is the keyword, not only for the winner who deserved his award but for all the finalists.

Entrepreneurship is the prime factor that will bring about a quicker economic recovery in the region as a whole, and in the case of Dubai, will bring about a turnaround in commercial and industrial activity.

Entrepreneurs bring innovation and life to the workplace with new ideas and an energy and enthusiasm that is communicated to the entire workforce. In all countries and all societies there are those who lead and those who follow, and commercial activity needs both to attain sustainable success.

Dubai, in particular, has been a good example of this over the past fifteen years as a sleepy fishing port has been dramatically transformed into one of the world’s busiest tourist destinations and a commercial hub for the entire Gulf region and beyond.

A case study

I talked to Khalid Al Kamali, an 18 year old student – who is also a UAE National Snooker and Billiard Team player – and his thinking was refreshing and insightful. Here was a young man studying for law but with a passion and drive for the chosen recreational sport in which he excels. Khalid maintains that you cannot be successful if you don’t have the right attitude and mindset.

To be so young and yet have such a clear vision and focus will certainly take him to where he wants to go in life. The future for Dubai, and the UAE, is certainly bright if we use Khalid as our example. A young man with a strong belief system who lives and breathes his personal goals.

‘Motivating Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow’ is my mantra, and after my visit here last week, it has been strongly reinforced by the optimism I encountered for the future, in so many business people with whom I talked.

I will be returning to Dubai during Global Entrepreneurship week, from 15 – 21st November, when it is estimated that 7.5 million participants will take part in 32,000 events in over 100 countries around the world, exposing people of all ages to quality entrepreneurial experience. Now, isn’t that a perfect example of the world pulling together?

Key Learning Points

■  Entrepreneurs bring innovation and life to the workplace

■  Entrepreneurial attitudes and mindsets will bring about sustainable growth

■  Global Entrepreneurship week takes place from 15 – 21st November. Do you have an innovative idea for tomorrow’s business world? Leave your comment in the column.

[Reprinted with the kind permission of Gulf News]

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