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Stress management is basically one long battle, where mental resilience needs to be supported by physical resilience. Yet one of the most serious pressures is the extreme difficulty of arranging regular exercise, when your workload is made up of one panic after another.

Let us remember what exercise actually does. It boosts the circulation, lowers the blood pressure and reduces muscle tension, leading to better weight control, improved appearance and self-image. It also produces the endorphins that make you feel euphoric and relaxed. Simply, the fit person is capable of packing more into a working day. The quality of the work will be greater. The problem-solving urge will be stronger. The whole outlook will be more optimistic. You will be more resilient to shocks and disappointments and less prone to stress.

I will never forget visiting a friend when her son came into the house, straight back from a local Marathon. As always, the idea of a 26-mile run was rather beyond my imagination. Yet when the young man had showered and come to join us, he wasn’t even looking tired. “I could run another one right now” he said.

Do you see the dynamo effect? That famous ‘second wind’ can generate a heightened state of thinking, doing and being. Now think what it could do for your own life and work.

Clearly you must prioritise daily exercise for a healthy mind and healthy body as the best basis for your stress management programme.

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