Charm Alone Won’t Get You to the Top!

Do good looks and charm really get you to where you want to be? I know that I am drawn to an attractive, good looking child and I think to myself ‘that child will be successful in life’. But is that all it takes? Probably not, but it may well help to climb the career ladder.

Experiencing Stress & Anxiety? Respect maybe the key…

Do you experience stres & anxiety because of a lack of respect from others? ‘Treat others, as you would want them to treat you!’ How many times do we hear this being said? We say it to our children and hope that they will remember it for the rest of their lives. We all know that to earn respect, we must first give respect and, of course, give it to ourselves as well, for if you don’t respect yourself, then no-one else will respect you.


Relieve Stress by Being More Positive

Relieve stress by being more positive. Everybody feels ‘down’ sometimes, but those negative feelings usually don’t last long. Life is not a straight line for anyone. Life is like a sine wave, it goes up and down and there are peaks and troughs. To be reasonably happy with our life is usually the default position, but if things go wrong over a period of time, then that position can change.

Conflict at Work Causes Expensive Disruption

Conflict at home can cause upset and misery. Conflict at work can cause expensive disruption and these hidden costs are underestimated in many organisations. Find out what to do about it here.

Want to be stress free? Doing Good, Does You Good!

DOING YOU GOOD, DOES YOU GOOD. This was the theme for Britain’s Mental Health Awareness Week which has taken this week. Promoted by the Mental Health Foundation, it focuses on how, by helping others by acts of kindness, volunteering and peer support, you can indeed help yourself.

Stress at Work? Find out what to do when you hate your job!

Stress at work? Many individuals feel trapped in their daily activity but see little opportunity to change it as they have financial commitments and the thought of leaving to trying to find another job with another company is worse than the existing job.

Stress at Work and Best Practice in Stress Management

Dispelling the myths and misconceptions about stress at work.