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The FIRST Question CEO’s Should Ask Themselves…

As a CEO you probably ask yourself many questions...I have the first one you SHOULD be asking right here.

Is Work the Biggest Cause of Stress?

We all know that work can be stressful but do you understand what stress actually is, how it affects you and how to manage it successfully?

Lead to Victory: The Battle Plan for your Boardroom

The boardroom and the battle field aren't too different. You must shield your employees, build the strongest team and lead that team to victory.

Emotions Run High Higher Up The Ladder

Why great leaders can make bad decisions. The link between stress, IQ and EI.

The Power of Listening

85% of what we know we have learnt through listening. Yet only 2% of us have had any formal education on how to listen.

Stress: The Silent Problem within Local Government That You May Never Notice

Public sector workers are more likely to suffer with mental health problems than those in the private sector, but less likely to receive support when

Why Wellbeing Should be Taken Seriously within the Workplace

Wellbeing initiatives are the solution to your problems. Attract top talent and retain your best employees.

Friends with Benefits- but not what you are thinking!

In celebration of Best Friends Day, let's take a look at the ways in which positive friendships can impact our lives.

The Spiral of Sleeplessness

Working late could cost you precious sleep. Do what the tycoons do: relax and take your mind off work for the last hour before going to bed.

Flexible Working Could Help Your Team be More Efficient

With the end of ‘a job for life’, the ticking of the demographic ‘time bomb’, and the ever-increasing pace of new technology, employers are ha

Managing Stress Can Help Your Heart

Reports from a cardiac rehab program in America indicate that learning to relax and cope with pressure could cut heart problems by 40%-50%.

Learn How to Manage Your Anger

Anger never helps. So trace it back to its roots - high stress, low self-esteem, frustrations at home - and learn to resolve it.

Every Second Counts

Crisis Management achieves short-term results, but often causes stress. Time Management may avert crises altogether.

Bullying Has No Place in a Healthy Workplace

There are many forms of bullying - overt and covert - that can spread fear and stress. It needs to be rooted-out of the corporate culture.

How to cope with trauma

You can’t prepare for a traumatic incident. But management can learn proven techniques for post-trauma interventions that work.

Changing Times Demand Positive Leadership

The Brexit debate is facing Theresa May with a formidable mix of challenges, that will need a highly developed quality of resilience.

Do You Believe in ‘Happiness Hours’?

Of course, the key to employee motivation with increased performance and productivity is dependent upon excellent management initiatives and good comm

Great Success on National Stress Awareness Day

We are now at the end of the 2016 National Stress Awareness Day campaign where we had a great turnout from the International Stress Management Associa

The Impact of Losing concentration

Being able to concentrate is not an easy skill to develop and retain as life, for all of us, has so many disruptions.

Letting go of a Friendship

Research shows that relationships are central to our health and wellbeing and can be one of the most rewarding aspects of our life. However, for a

Building Virtual Relationships

I am a firm believer in the value of face-to-face communication. However, over the past few weeks, I have been impressed by a story of hope and suppor

Are you going through a Mid-life Crisis?

Mid-life crisis? Are you going through one. Find out here and read on.

The importance of being happy at work

On 20th March, it is The International Day of Happiness – an official day that is now celebrated throughout the world and was established by the Uni

Are you an introvert?

In the corporate world, with its emphasis on self-promotion and networking, many introverts feel immense pressure to act like extroverts. Such individ

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Flexible Working Could Help Your Team be More Efficient

With the end of ‘a job for life’, the ticking of the demographic ‘time bomb’, and the ever-increasing pace of new technology, employers are ha

Crisis: It could happen to you!

Working with the #media at a time of #crisis is a skill in its own right

Destress: Find out how to speak in public with no stress!

Good public speakers need to use proven techniques that have an impact on their audience.

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