Great Success on National Stress Awareness Day

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We are now at the end of the 2016 National Stress Awareness Day campaign where we had a great turnout from the International Stress Management Association [UK] regions and also from around the world.

We are still gathering in all the data together but it was difficult to keep track of all the media coverage including OK magazine; the Director journal; the Daily Telegraph; Radio BBC Scotland, Dilse radio and 5 Live –  to name just a few that reported on NSAD activities.

During a 30 day period, the NSAD twitter hashtag had over 180,000 tweets and retweets and the hashtag was trending for some hours on Twitter on the Day. Our Facebook page doubled its LIKES and our LinkedIn page increased its reach.

                        "Well done team NSAD."

With countless events being organised and delivered by members and non-members alike, 2016 was certainly a year to remember. Continue reading


How to Make Your Idea Become a Reality

4 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

4 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

Janine, a friend of mine, said to me yesterday that she never has ideas. “Of course you have ideas!”, I told her, “you just don’t recognise them”. She looked at me in amazement.

Many people think they never have good ideas when, in actuality, they don’t know how to look out for them. As we know, if you want to get good at anything, then you have to practice and that is what you have to do with ideas – then you will be good at finding them!

Convincing others
So with practice you can get yourself to the point when you have a good idea, you will recognise it as such and then the next stage is for you to convince others of its worth.

“It’s a really great idea; why can’t you see that – it’s so obvious!” might be the cry from someone trying to justify their creative thinking.

In reality, having an idea is one thing but getting others to buy into it; give their support and take action on it, is another. We can all probably look back at our lives and think back to a time when an idea came into our head, only to do nothing about it until someone else did it and then you thought ‘but that was my idea!’ The big difference was that someone else also had the idea but they took action and made it become a reality. Continue reading