The Spiral of Sleeplessness

People who have been tempted to work late hours during the boom years are inclined to dream of a less busy period when they will at least be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

But that ‘less busy period’ seems increasingly liable to turn into a recession, with its accompanying job-insecurity and money worries  –  key stressors, that can lead to significant sleep loss.

We all know that feeling at 4 in the morning, the low point of our cycle when we are woken by the nightmare of every worst-case scenario coming true, all at the same moment, and, in an economic crisis, we live in that mode, 24/7. However, driving ourselves harder and working later, does not leave us delightfully drowsy and ready to drift off into a healing sleep. It just leaves us more stressed and more likely to toss and turn miserably until dawn breaks.

Seriously switching off

sleep, stressWhen top tycoons are asked for their lifestyle tips, they often mention the ability to be able to compartmentalize their problems  –  in other words, the ability to switch-off.

Perhaps that is an excellent way to combat unnecessary job-insecurity. Your natural concern over your situation should not be allowed to dominate your thoughts, day and night. Two hours of worrying about your overdraft does not move you any closer to a solution than just 30 minutes!

Preparing for an uninterrupted seven-hour sleep is your best hope of restoring the right mental and physical state in which to tackle your problems. And that important, last hour before bedtime is the key. Continue reading


Great Success on National Stress Awareness Day

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Author of Show Stress Who’s Boss

We are now at the end of the 2016 National Stress Awareness Day campaign where we had a great turnout from the International Stress Management Association [UK] regions and also from around the world.

We are still gathering in all the data together but it was difficult to keep track of all the media coverage including OK magazine; the Director journal; the Daily Telegraph; Radio BBC Scotland, Dilse radio and 5 Live –  to name just a few that reported on NSAD activities.

During a 30 day period, the NSAD twitter hashtag had over 180,000 tweets and retweets and the hashtag was trending for some hours on Twitter on the Day. Our Facebook page doubled its LIKES and our LinkedIn page increased its reach.

                        "Well done team NSAD."

With countless events being organised and delivered by members and non-members alike, 2016 was certainly a year to remember. Continue reading


The Impact of Losing concentration

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4 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

‘I keep losing focus’, complains Noreen. ‘I wish I could concentrate better’, says Abdul.  Do you hear yourself sometimes saying this?   There are so many things to think about that you just cannot seem to be able to concentrate properly, any more.

Concentration is the ability to focus upon one thing at a time.  This is not necessarily an easy skill to develop and retain as life, for all of us, has so many disruptions.

Multitasking:  Some of us pride ourselves on being able to do more than one thing at a time but the chances are that instead of doing one task really well, we actually manage to do a number of tasks not so well. The reason being that trying to do too much contemporaneously usually leads to poor performance or mediocre outcomes.

Distraction and Boredom:  You cannot concentrate properly until you stop yourself from being distracted!  Now this might seem very obvious but we can fail to take the requisite action to either remove the distraction from us or to remove ourselves away from the distraction. Continue reading