Stress at Work and Best Practice in Stress Management

There are many myths and misconceptions about stress, so I thought that I would write a summary for you.

Q:  Is stress is good for me?     A:  No! Pressure is good for you but stress is not.

Q: What is the difference between pressure and stress?   A: Pressure motivates and is within your control and you can usually manage it.  Stress is the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demands placed upon them.

Q:  What causes stress?  A:  Fundamentally, it is the way that we think about a
situation rather than the situation itself, that causes stress.

Q:  What is a stress ‘carrier’?   A:  People who exhibit stress-producing behaviour but are  unaware of the impact of their conduct upon others.

Q:  What are some of the physical reactions to stress?  A:   Dry mouth, anxiety, rapid breathing, moist palms.

Q:  What are some of the symptoms of prolonged stress?  A: Sleep problems, headaches, anger, indigestion. Continue reading